Do Something

Hello World!

Ok, I admit it!

I’ve been suffering from political apathy for many years and apparently I’m not alone, a quick internet search reveals that in a recent study four in ten voters reject ALL parties. So what has happened and who or what has motivated me to “get all political” and start writing about it here on this blog?

Well that will take quite a bit of explaining but I will try to do so in a series of posts focused on various aspects that I feel most passionate about, I openly invite YOU to comment even if you disagree because I want to hear YOUR points of view.

There is nothing wrong with healthy debate, fortunately for us free speech is allowed in our country and we should all make full use of it. If like me you are sick and tired of the status quo, stop ignoring the problem in the hope it will go away or get better by itself, Say Something or better still DO Something… 


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