Ex-Forces and Homeless

Cameron Heckled over Homeless Servicemen

As David Cameron was answering a question during the second leaders’ GE2015 debate, Victoria Prosser, stood up and heckled him about homeless people who had served in the armed forces.

Mr Cameron replied: “The lady makes an important point which is that there are people who come out of our armed services who do have difficulties and that’s why we should be putting money into the armed forces charities that help homeless people and people also with mental health problems when they come out of our armed services. She makes an important point.”

Well hang on a moment Mr Cameron, why should homeless people and/or people with mental health problems have to rely on charities for help in the first place? Stop cutting the NHS budget, Stop closing mental health units and put as much money and effort into social care, as you do into selling anything and everything off to the highest bidder and lining the pockets of the rich.

She was later ejected from the studio where reporters caught up with her and she had some very interesting things to say:

As an ex-serviceman myself Victoria really struck a chord with me, but more than that she calls for you and me the 99% to come together and put a stop the 1% at the top spending OUR money on themselves…



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