First Day Out for Medway TUSC

A few people have said I should write a bit more personal stuff on my blog, so here we go! It has to be said that I am not a natural writer in fact I was in remedial English for a couple of years when I was at school but I will do my best as I always have 🙂

Wheres Our Recovery Vote TUSC

Today I had my first day out leafleting and talking to people in Strood about Medway TUSC, it was a lot harder and more tiring than I thought it would be and reminded me a little of my days in the Army “on parade” but enjoyable non the less and I look forward to doing it again.

Here are a few Highlights

The overwhelming consensus of all the people I spoke to was that “politicians are all a bunch of liars and you cant trust any of them!” well you know what, I totally agree with them which is why I have chosen to support TUSC a party full of ordinary people, speaking FOR the people and doing extraordinary things.

An elderly gentleman approached me and asked “who is paying for all this then?” to which I replied “do you mean the leaflets?” the man said yes so I informed him that they had been paid for out of the candidates own pockets and donations from volunteers. “That’ll be the day!” the man said before walking off, I did not blame him for his disbelief because if I were not actually involved myself I too would find it hard to fathom, how any election campaign could possibly be funded pretty much out of the pockets of those who have volunteered to stand as candidates, a few dedicated trade union members and socialists.

Compare that to the £MILLIONS and £MILLIONS that the other mainstream parties including UKIP receive from big business all of whom have their own agenda, and think about this for a moment, they will obviously want something in return for their donations and I’m not talking about just a posh meal in a swanky venue…

Another couple said they would not be here on election day so they would not be able to vote, so I suggested a postal vote however at the time I had no idea how this was done, so I found out and if you find yourself in this boat make sure to visit this page and get registered ASAP:

Perhaps the best thing about the whole experience was two different people came over and patted me on the back “well done for standing up for the people and doing something” I was really moved by this, and whilst it was only two different people who said this from the hundreds that walked on by, I wondered how many others would have felt the same way if they had only taken a moment to either read the leaflet or listen to what TUSC is all about.

People are the Key to Power



2 thoughts on “First Day Out for Medway TUSC

  1. Leafleting and doing stalls can be a daunting experience, especially for a party that people don’t understand. But it only takes a couple of people coming up and showing an interest to make it worthwhile going out.


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