Abbey Court Strood Chemical Spill

Chemical Spill at Abbey Court School in Strood

The emergency services were called out to Abbey Court Special School in Strood after a chemical spill in the plant room of the building, fortunately only a skeleton staff were in the school at the time due to the Easter holidays and crews worked with them to quickly isolate the incident.

One 48-year-old Man was suffering from breathing difficulties and was treated at the scene before being taken to Medway Maritime Hospital.

Consider the huge amount of public sector workers involved in saving this mans life, from the school staff through the 999 operators to the emergency services and the hospital staff, this level of public safety does not come cheap and nor should it.

What an amazing job they do especially under the consistent cuts they have been subjected to in recent years, I can only put it down to thier sheer grit and determination to help people that they can still perform as well as they do.

Two ambulance cars, an ambulance and a Hazardous Area Response Team were dispatched along with Four fire engines and specialist equipment, with the first crew arriving within eight minutes of receiving the 999 call from the school.

A friend raised an interesting point in that under normal circumstances you would think this response time was pretty good right? Well, now consider that there is a Fire Station directly opposite this school, 8 minutes actually does not look that great after all!

But who would you blame, the Fire Service for being a bit slack?

Not Me! I blame the fact that 5000 Firefighters have been cut from the service in the past 5 years. They are overstretched, undermanned and have generally been pretty poorly treated on pay and pensions by OUR government… Are you going to stand for 5 more years of this? NOT ME!

Stop Fire Service Cuts

Save our Emergency Services – Vote Against Cuts


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