Oxfam 80 Richest People

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Last night we leafleted for Medway TUSC outside the local cinemas after the Russel Brand film, if you don’t know what it is all about I’ve copied the synopsis at the bottom of this post and embedded the trailer so you can check it out.

We met quite a few voters that were really upset about the current state of affairs in our country but really don’t know what to do about it, in my view the first thing you need to do is talk about it with your friends, family and social media, make your feelings known. The more of us that say something the louder our voice will be, don’t be afraid to “talk politics” we’ve all been downtrodden to such an extent that doing so has almost become taboo!

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, look for alternative parties on your ballot paper like TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) protest against the establishment parties, make yourself heard and remember it is only a wasted vote if you DONT vote!

Things Can Change – we just need to make t happen collectively…

If you missed it on Tuesday, dont worry because it’s showing again in selected cinemas and available on demand from Friday 24th April.


Definition: Fairytale, allegorical

1. Collective ignorance of an obvious fact, or deception, despite undeniable evidence.

World-famous British comedian and activist Russell Brand joins forces with acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom on a polemical documentary about the financial crisis and gross inequality we currently face. Starting with the genesis of today’s economic policies, with the arrival of Milton Friedman’s school of thought in Reagan’s leadership and Thatcher’s UK, the film explores how these policies have come to dominate the western world. The rich have got richer; where a CEO of a major British company used to earn 10 times the average wage of his workers, now they earn 200 times. According to Oxfam, the richest 80 people in the world own as much as the poorest 3.5 billion. It would now take 300 years for the average cleaner, cleaning the offices of his senior boss, to earn the same salary taken home by the same boss last year.

Milton Friedman once said that every crisis was an opportunity. The financial crisis of 2008 should have been a chance to reform the system for the benefit of everyone. But instead, austerity for everyone throughout Britain and Europe was the price to be paid for supporting the financial sector, with £131 billion spent by UK tax payers to keep the financial system afloat, while $30 trillion in support and subsidies went to Wall Street in the US.

Using a mixture of documentary, interviews, archive footage and comedy, Russell Brand takes us from his hometown Grays in Essex, to the heart of London ‘City’ and on to the Big Apple. This daring film will shake up the world by revealing the bewildering truth about how the people at the bottom are paying for the luxuries of those at the top.


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