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Lets all Blame the Immigrants!

Whilst out dog walking today I was practicing what I preach and talking to fellow dog walkers about their political views. Now I am an advocate for free speech and would never want anyone to think otherwise, however I am getting really tired of hearing people blame Immigration for the state of affairs in our great country.

Wake Up People! – You’ve Been Fed Lies…

Yes! You really have…

In an effort to divert your attention away from the REAL ISSUES, and the establishment parties are bloody good at it so I don’t blame anyone for believing it. When you start delving into the facts even just a little bit you will question these beliefs I guarantee it…

What about all the immigrants claiming benefits?

FACT: We pay over £11bn a year in benefits to people who are IN WORK, so what this actually means is we are subsidising big businesses who employ their workforce on minimum wage and zero hour contracts and who are exploiting their workers. Immigrants are actually only responsible for a small percentage of this figure, in fact even in percentage terms less working immigrants claim benefits compared to non-migrant workers.

Only a very tiny percentage of immigrants claim out of work benefits and it is also quite hard for them to do so, if from outside the EU for example then they have to have lived here and paid taxes for 5 years! But guess what as soon as someone finds one that does there is a mass media showcase leaving you feeling exploited and xenophobic.

Migrant workers do not come here for the benefits, they come here because we have a strong economy and a rich diverse labour market.

I cant get treatment because the NHS is swamped with immigrants!

FACT: During the last parliament £80bn worth of cuts have been made to (amongst other things) the NHS, Police and Fire Services. In the very same period of time the chief bankers in this country have paid themselves bonuses cumulatively worth £80bn. These people are the very same people who WE have bailed out time and again, and as of 2009 it was estimated that government support for Britain’s banks had reached a staggering £850bn! Is it any wonder we hit a recession and have a massive deficit?

I had the misfortune to be in A&E with my grandmother just the other day, the Doctor and Nurse caring for her were from Zimbabwe, the nicest most caring professionals you could ever wish to meet. I think it would be fair to say that the NHS would struggle to function in any capacity if it were not for migrant workers, we should appreciate them for what they do, not hate them because of where they came from.

I could keep going on and on about this, but I wont because I actually have stuff I need to do today! But if you fancy some further reading on the subject, try Steve Wilkins article The Immigration Con and failing that don’t just take our word for it, go look for yourself and you will be surprised what you find.

The Truth is Out There…


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