Kelly Tolhurst and Eric Pickles in Rochester and Strood

Leafleting for TUSC in Strood

Today Steve Wilkins (Medway TUSC Council Candidate for Hempstead and Wigmore) and myself were out leafleting in Strood market again, and imagine my surprise when walking through the market I bumped into Eric Pickles!

Not literally of course, however he was rather hard to miss 🙂

Eric Pickles Ate My Youth Club

I recognised him but couldn’t remember his name at first but I knew he was a Tory minister, you could tell because he had a massive entourage and 2 or 3 photographers taking pictures of him looking very stately, staring slightly upward at the sky, you know “that” look.

A short while later the procession of Tory campaigners came wandering past Steve and I which made me laugh because Steve started shouting “No More Cuts… Save the NHS… Stop Privatisation… No More Austerity…” etc. etc. I even heard Eric say “Oh How Lovely” then a couple of the Tory campaigners came past with Kelly Tolhurst and offered me a leaflet “It’s ok” I said “I’ve already read it and binned it, but you can have one of mine if you like

I wonder if they decided to pop down because TUSC have been campaigning in Strood Market for weeks? Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I think maybe we are starting to scare them, and Kelly Tolhurst’s answer to a couple of Socialists giving out leaflets and talking to people was a “Shock and Awe” visit from Mr Pickles 🙂

Made me giggle anyway…

Kelly Tolhurst - Tory Surveyor